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Billing Options


How does pre-paid metering work?

It's similar to a parking meter for your car.  You pay for your electric service in advance. As you use electricity, your account balance is reduced until you put more credit back on it.  You can pay as much or as often as you wish to maintain your account.  If your account runs out of money, your power will be shut off until you can pay more to add credit back to your account.


How can I sign up for pre-paid metering?

If your already a member of FCEC: Fill out and return the pre-paid service agreement.

If you are becoming a new member: Fill out an application for service along with the pre-paid service agreement.


How do I monitor my account?

You can use the smarthub app to view your account balance, usage information, set-up balance notifications, or make a payment.


What does it cost?

If you are a new member, you will have to pay all applicable new member fees, plus a minimum of $30 credit to start your pre-paid account. If you are an existing member, you must pay your regular account to a zero balance, plus an initial payment of $30 credit to start your pre-paid account.


What is budget billing?

Budget billing allows you to avoid emptying your wallet on those months when your usage is highest by leveling out your payment year round.  We calculate your monthly payment based on a running average of your last 12 months usage.  You will no longer have to wonder what your bill will be from month to month.


How does budget billing work?

Check out the chart below.  This illustrates how your budget bill is calculated each month and what you pay relative to your actual usage.

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